Virtual assistan for online teacher

Hello, dear friends. My name is
Tsegilny Vitaly Stanislavovich
I have already been developing various services for many years
which help online teachers,
consultants and
coaches to provide their online trainings .
there are more than a thousand tools
which help to make
the process of online learning more effective
I think it’s time to group
these helpful services into unified integrated
which will automatically
record video lessons,
record the actions of the teacher
And automatically, based on methods of
machine learning, load
relevant recommendations for
further use of the system.
The main factor of successful learning
is a revision of the
material and often teachers have to
to take on this work

We believe that this system must
automate this process.
The teacher should be paramount
source of knowledge, and then the system
if necessary will automatically repeat
the material. In this way
“A virtual assistant” will help the teacher
automate the learning process,
and if necessary help the student
refer to the taken material.
The next stage, to which no one has
proceeded yet, will be breaking down
recorded classes into certain
stages into which it will be possible to divide
this lesson. And build the learning process
on an individual trajectory
and generating test tasks. Then when
test exercises done (exercises which are
now successfully integrated into various
systems of distance learning)
the «Virtual assistant of the
online teacher «will be able in
real-time to
complement the learning process with various
interactive tasks, with
various interactive video lessons
from the base
formed by the teacher himself .
There will be a choice where to take materials: from
community of teachers who
united to work on a common project
really not the same with
global search it can
address to the worldwide network and take
better methods from any international experience.
In most cases, successful
teachers use many
services that allow you to record
video lessons, then play them back
then create a variety of online courses.
and through these video lessons there will be possible to create different systems of
All this takes a very long time. But
this virtual assistant will allow to
automate the process and similarly to
how you write macros
you will be able to record your actions and
the system will automatically generate
video lessons, automatically find the previous material from earlier created
video lessons.
In this way, you save up time to
focus directly on
educational process but not on technical details.

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